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My name is Bill and I’m from an area called The Northwoods in northern Wisconsin, USA. I’ve been building websites since the late ’90s when a co-worker showed me his department’s site on our company’s (ATT) intranet. Back then I used Flash by Macromedia, which became Adobe Flash which Steve Jobs banished from Apple products and now has become Adobe Animate.

Now I use WordPress. It’s the easiest and I like easy. You can make a very nice and professional website with a little knowledge. I also love teaching, it’s such a big kick to see someone “get it” whatever it is you’re trying to get them to get. I’ve taught I.T. stuff, music (drumming and guitar) and anything else if I can.

My goal is to learn to create better designs, teach you what I know, and also learn from you.

I have a wife, 2 sons both named Jon. Well, Jon is mine and John is my step-son. Wouldn’t you know, they’re both coders. Lucky for me they get me unstuck whenever I get stuck.

We also have a chocolate lab named Molly, She likes to help me in my struggle to master the guitar.



Contact me or just say hello.